Who is Summit


Adult Division

We are committed to serving all ages and bettering the lives of individuals by providing services for adults with developmental disabilities. Our Adult Division includes Day Programs and Vocational and Employment Services. Our goal is to foster community inclusion and independence for the adults we serve.
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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Division

Our Behavioral Health Division addresses any behavioral challenges that your child might have. Our behavioral health division includes summer programs, Genesis Community Services, ABAWorks, Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic, and consulting and professional training programs.

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Community Division

The Summit Center truly is a community. Our Community Division includes respite and behavior support, service coordination, family support services and community training, and recreation and leisure. Our broad range of services in the community division are designed to help you and your family.

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Early Intervention & Education Division

Early intervention is critical to the treatment of a child with a developmental disability. Our early intervention and education programs make up one of the largest divisions in The Summit Center. Our early childhood and education services include Summit Academy, Early Autism Program, and Eligibility Evaluations.

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