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Diagnostic Evaluations

The ADHD Center at Summit offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for school aged children, adolescents, and adults* struggling with paying attention, organizational skills, and behavioral issues.  Diagnostic evaluations usually consist of three to four clinic visits.  At the conclusion of the diagnostic process, families receive a written diagnostic evaluation report that includes treatment recommendations.

      *While our primary focus is serving individuals under the age of 21, we do conduct evaluations for ADHD in individuals of all ages, inconsultation with other health and mental health professionals.

Individual and Family Therapy Services

Summit's ADHD Center strives to provide the highest quality, evidence-based mental health services to children and adolescents.  This means that we use treatments that have been shown to work for other children with a similar condition.  Individual services utilizing a standardized treatment protocol may be recommended for the child or a family depending on the nature of the child's problems.  Individual services may consist of working with the child's parents, directly with the child, or both.  Examples of individual and family therapy services offered include:

  -  Anger management for preteens and teens
  -  Family problem solving for preteens and teens
  -  Academic support skills for middle and high school students
  -  Group-based parenting programs
  -  Evidence-based treatment for anxiety and depression

   To schedule an appointment, please call 716-629-3444.


Our ADHD Clinic accepts most insurances.  Please call us for specific information or call your insurance carrier directly.  Contact your insurance carrier for any questions about co-pays for mental health services.

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