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Parent Testimonials

“My son gets the instant feedback he needs. The staff knows how to work with children with his difficulties & my son being around other kids who are having the same difficulties as him.”
- Mother of an 8-year-old boy

“I have already recommended this program to many other parents and will continue to do so. My son has been to several summer camps and this is the only one he actually looked forward to going to and wants to return badly next summer. “
- Father of a 10-year-old

“I feel the program is really worth every penny; not only for the child but also the parents. I have heard a lot about DRC (daily report card) and actually learned how to apply it, but never succeeded. But after coming back from the summer camp, things become much easier. My son knows what his responsibilities are and what needs to be done first. And, I am much more at ease now.”
- Mother of a 9 year old boy from Jakarta, Indonesia

“I wanted to share with you how wonderfully Brett is doing in school! He started 4th Grade this year and he is doing SOOOO well! A lot of the teachers who dealt with him last year cannot believe he is the same boy. His gym teacher, art teacher and even the lunch lady have all commented on how his behavior has improved from last year! AND he is on the Honor Roll with an average of 94 for the first quarter! Last week I received a phone call from the School Counselor -who has been working with him since Kindergarten. She called to say that she believes that Brett does not need her services anymore - he has grown and displayed so much maturity that she dismissed him from her services! I can't tell you how proud I am of him!!!!
I honestly and truly believe that the STP has taught Brett so many things - and it was a life changing experience! I just thought you'd like to know! : )”
- Laura, Mother of a 9-year-old boy