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Specialized Social and Life Skills Programs

Two of the most significant challenges for children with developmental disabilities are the development of basic daily living skills like dressing and tooth brushing, and the development of pro-social skills while reducing inappropriate and challenging behaviors.  For many children, simple modeling and coaching given by parents may not be sufficient to ensure that critical skills are learned and behavior challenges are reduced.  Summit offers several related programs that provide direct instruction to children with disabilities in conjunction with a highly regarded parent education program.  These programs are provided free of charge to eligible families.

Home and Community Behavior Skills Training

This 10-week program offers training to parents in assessing and resolving behavioral challenges and increasing appropriate skills and behavior.  Parents receive group training sessions at our Stahl Road site while the child is part of a structured, on-site respite program that focuses on recreation and leisure.  The family will also be offered the opportunity to obtain the assistance of a highly skilled and trained professional in community outings or home visits in order to carry over the skills they have learned from the group training sessions.  An initial home visit is conducted by staff prior to the start of group sessions to develop the direction of the individualized plan as well as the training.  This program is funded through an OPWDD Family Support Services grant.  Certain eligibility requirements apply.

For more information on either of these programs, please call 716-629-3400.