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Summit Academy’s school-age program provides a 12-month school experience for students. Individual attention is key to each student’s success. That’s why the instructional team, parents and the school district work together to develop an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). The plan is based on each student’s learning style, capabilities, and strengths and may include speech therapy, physical therapy, and/or occupational therapy.  Our ultimate goal is to help each student achieve the highest possible degree of personal success and independence.

Throughout Summit Academy, Small groups of 6, 8 or 12 students work in classrooms with a dedicated team of professionals. These teams include a special education teacher, instructional assistants and aides, behavior support consultant, and related services including speech professionals, and occupational and physical therapists. Each Summit Academy professional has a specialized set of skills that is implemented within the framework of Applied Behavior Analysis and has a clear goal to provide a consistent, structured and nurturing environment. This allows us to build the skills and confidence of each student while challenging academic, social, and functional growth.

Summit Academy provides a variety of programs that work in concert with parents to develop domestic and self-help skills and to reduce behaviors that interfere with learning. All staff at Summit Academy from each of the professional disciplines provide evidence-based, behavioral assessment and intervention procedures. Intensive supports, including functional analysis and intervention development, are available for students who display severe problem behaviors. Implementation of all procedures, as well as the students’ progress, are monitored and reviewed regularly.

All classrooms at Summit Academy follow a schedule that includes opportunities for academics, daily living skills, and leisure. Academics and related services may be delivered in highly structured situations with a rich ratio of staff to students or in a naturalistic or generalized situation, depending on the needs of the students. All students also have the opportunity to access technology, art, music, and our fitness center through our enrichment activities. All students participate in Adaptive Physical Education and their teams have access to our intensive feeding program and our nutritional consultant. Our on-site nursing staff participate with medication delivery and evaluation, parent communication, and tracking of related medical information.