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Summit's preschool program for three- and four-year-olds provides special education and related therapeutic services to address the needs of children with autism and other developmental disabilities in a highly-structured and nurturing environment with rich staffing ratios. We employ a unique team approach that includes special education teachers, speech-language professionals, and other specialized providers working together to help each preschool child acquire the language, social, physical, and academic skills necessary for transition to public school. We employ methods based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and carefully monitor every student's progress to help ensure success.  Summit Academy offers both full- and half-day programs depending on a child's needs.  In addition to our traditional special education classroom, our school provides the opportunity for integrated or multicultural programs.

Integrated Preschool Program

Summit Academy operates an integrated preschool program that serves children with and without developmental disabilities. Integration allows children with developmental disabilities to play and learn together with typically developing children - absorbing important language and social interaction skills. The program blends the best practices of early childhood education and special education so that all children maximally benefit from the experience.

Multicultural Education Program

Another unique service of Summit Academy is our multicultural education program located in Buffalo. The program recognizes that children with developmental disabilities may speak a language other than English and may be from a culture perhaps far different from the day-to-day customs of America in general and Western New York in particular. So, while the program's goal is to help students become age-appropriate in all areas of development, we provide instruction in the child's primary language first. For children who demonstrate little or no functional communication, education in their primary language may continue until they develop a basic vocabulary of words and sentences. English instruction is gradually increased, as the child becomes more proficient.

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