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Pre-Vocational Services

Summit’s Vocational Training Program:

Our Vocational Training Program provides students with disabilities the opportunity to learn the skills needed to become a productive member of the community. Our highly-qualified team of special education teachers, job coaches, and related professionals work together to ensure that each student’s skills are well aligned with the needs of the business. Our students benefit from 1:1 instruction and on-site training. The business benefits from the student’s desire to learn while using this cost effective solution. All services are provided at no cost to the business and result in tremendous learning and training opportunities for students.

Students (ages 14-21) in the Vocational Training Program have many strengths and take great pride in their work. They are challenged by developmental disabilities, including autism, but are eager to learn and enjoy the opportunity to work as part of their academic program.

Real work experiences provide opportunities for our students to improve productivity, learn on-the-job social and communication skills, and develop an understanding of rules in the workplace.

Our Community Partners Include:

-Ruzzine’s Rock Bottom Eatery
-Outback Steakhouse (Niagara Falls Boulevard)
-Besta Pizza
-Breechwood Continuing Care
-Tops Markets
-Emecdo, Inc.
-US Foodservice
-Bounce Magic
-Weinberg Campus

For More Information Contact:

Diane Avecillas
Vocation Program Consultant
165 Creekside Drive
Amherst, New York 14228