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SEMP Supports Consumers

What is SEMP?

Supported Employment (SEMP) is a program that provides the necessary supports to help a person with a developmental disability identify, obtain, and maintain paid work in an area of interest at a location of choice.


Individuals who participate in Summit’s SEMP program must be 18 years of age or older, have a confirmed diagnosis of a developmental disability, and be linked with VESID -Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities. (This can be arranged through your Medicaid Service Coordinator or school transition team.)

How the process works:

Once an individual is approved through VESID, you may request Summit to provide Supported Employment (SEMP) services. A Summit SEMP specialist will meet with you to determine strengths and weaknesses, develop job readiness skills, and explore areas of interest that lead to paid employment. He or she will work with you to apply for a job, determine and arrange for transportation, attend job interviews, and provide job site coaching to help you become comfortable in your new work setting. Our SEMP specialist will help you with all aspects of work depending on your personal needs including, using a time clock, packing or purchasing your lunch, and making friends on the job.

SEMP Supports Employers

Benefits to employers:

  •          Job candidates are pre-screened and matched to jobs that align with their interests
  •           Employment positions are analyzed to allow job candidates with a thorough understanding of your expectations
  •           We will provide assistance with training techniques
  •           We are available to trouble shoot and assist with any problems if they arise
  •           Tax incentives are available
  • Our SEMP specialist will provide your job candidate with on-going support and you and your employees with specialized training to help ensure a successful placement.
  • Hiring a diverse workforce is good for business!
  •           People with developmental disabilities tend to stay in jobs for long periods of time. Higher retention rates of diversified workers lowers your costs of hiring and training.
  •           You will be opening your search to an untapped pool of workers which gives you access to a new and vital workforce.
  •           A diverse workforce introduces you to new viewpoints and approaches, giving you a competitive advantage.
  •           People with developmental disabilities take great pride in their work. As ambitious co-workers, they motivate others employees, increasing productivity for everyone.
  •           Employing a diverse workforce demonstrates your company’s commitment to the community.

About Summit: Summit Educational Resources is Western New York’s largest not-for-profit provider of educational, therapeutic and support services to children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

For more information, please call Summit at 716-629-3480.